TVM -manufacture of cordage, cords, ropes, webbing, flat braids, ribbons, belts and threads

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    Since 1993 TVM products on its own equipment and sells from warehouse-shop in Kiev white plain-laid, hawser-laid ( 3-stranded),  shroud ropes, 8-strands braided ropes, 12-strands braided ropes, 32-strands braided ropes with core, wire core ropes,  twisted strings, threads,  knited and braided cords, cords of large diameters for technical applications and mountaneering, braided spindle bands, webbings, flat braids, elastic belts and cords, ribbons made from nilon, polipropilen and polyester fibres, djut, cotton and sizal yarns.

    Our company expands and updates product range constantly, increasing fleet of equipment and starting to work with the new synthetic, natural and artificial materials, as well as with its combinations. To this date, in the arsenal of TVM are twisting, cord-knitting, cord- and flat-braiding machines, ribbon-braiding mashines, ribbon looms, varied unwinding and doubling equipment, stranding and rope machines of different types. The last spoken allows to produce both braided ropes with diameter up to 52 mm, and twisted (twisted pair) ropes up to 20mm diameter. It was commissioned its own test equipment to examine the strength characteristics of manufactured goods.

Our production meets the requirements of the Shipping Register of Ukraine

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