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Thread - the final form of the product obtained from the fiber. It is produced by twisting: simple, double, triple, quadruple. Often used thread triple torsion when two or three or four simple torsion twisted yarn together. Thread made right (Z) or left (S) twist. Used and combined twist when a thread simple twist perform right, and double (triple, etc.) - the left. This thread is called balanced and itself does not twist. Company is able to produce a threads of any type and purpose, and in accordance with the specifications of the customer, or by the example attached.
Нитки капроновые Nylon threads  
Нитки полипропиленовые Polypropylene threads  
Нитки хлопчатобумажные Cotton threads  
Нитки комбинированные (армированные) хлопок/капрон, хлопок/полипропилен, хлопок/полиэфир  
Нитки на маленьких катушках  
Нитки полиэфирные Polyester threads  
Нитки для увязки проводов  
Нитки строительные (для отбивки, разметки)